What we teach


          The Michael Simonson Foundation (MSF) teaches people to have an awareness and understanding of how the spectrum of positive and negative energies impact us on a personal level and on a global level. This unique methodology of understanding energies, along with the application of simple techniques, developed by Michael Simonson, can have a tremendously positive impact on the individuals practicing the methods, as well as those who surround them. Michael teaches individuals he works with to be mindful of the energies within and around them. Michael refers to his methodology as the MSF Energy and Awareness Program.

          MSF teaches that we are the ones responsible for the type of life we have through the thoughts we empower, and the choices that we make through the understanding of the energetic mechanics of consciousness. We work with our students to help them understand and be aware of what they are thinking and feeling, both physically and emotionally, in the present moment. We also work with them to help them understand that they are responsible for their actions and that they cannot control the actions of others. Children learn to self-regulate via white light energy and awareness exercises and positive affirmations.

          By understanding that every experience, positive and negative, offers an opportunity to celebrate, learn, and grow, individuals are able to see opportunities in every situation in their lives. By embracing negative experiences and learning from them, we shift our energies into a positive and empowered place.

Everything is Energy!

          Everything we experience throughout the course of our life is recorded in our energy field. Our physical body is but one aspect of our totality, we have an energy field that is composed of various energy bodies, the mental and emotional bodies being two of them. Every human experience has its own unique energy signature, or vibration, and it is stored in our energy body, our physical body and the higher energy bodies.

          By teaching individuals to deal with their world and life experiences from a positive, aware, and empowered place, the energies that represent those experiences that are stored in their energy field are going to be of a positive nature with a positive vibration. In other words, when people hold on to negative emotions, thoughts and feelings, they are also holding onto negative energies and these do affect them in their daily lives. The MSF teaches individuals to embrace their negative emotions in a positive, loving way so that they will not be carrying that negativity with them into the future.

          As it is the nature of energy to link and connect to similar energies, it is important to keep our minds and our consciousness clear and positive. In doing so, we can be among people who are carrying a lot of negativity and we will not be affected by their negativity. In other words, We can stay calm and centered even when those around us are not coming from a calm and centered place. When a person chooses to be positive in their life’s choices, the links we have on an energy level with others will be on a level that reflects our energetic state. The energetic exchanges we have with others will be positive, joyful, invigorating, and empowering in nature.

          If instead, we choose to be negative, we will find our most powerful links to those around us and the greater collective consciousness are on a level that reflects the energetic state of our mind, of our being. Life will be experienced as a struggle with no real joy or happiness. The energies of our thoughts determine how we link energetically to other people. By teaching people to guard and be aware of their thoughts and emotions, to keep them positive through the energetic understanding of how we are all linked on an energy level, we are enabled to see clearly this connection and with this understanding, make choices that reflect our highest good.

          The Michael Simonson Foundation teaches individuals that we have the ability within ourselves to be healers. We empower individuals to empower themselves.