Education Center


          Over the many years that Michael has been working with people from all walks of life, he has identified a common need existing between all people who are pursuing healing with his assistance: a place away from their normal lives where they can learn and heal in a supportive environment. Our capital campaign to create an Education Center addresses this need, and will enable those willing to receive the support and knowledge they desire.

The education center will provide the following core services:

  • Provide a residential retreat environment for individuals, family members and care-givers, and children to attend short term and longer term workshops, training sessions, integrative healing sessions, and retreats.
  • For individuals who are seeking an alternative to traditional treatments, a place where they can safely and supportively reside and receive the teaching and support to take a pro-active role in transformative integrative healing through longer and shorter term workshops and retreats. In situations with a pre-existing medical condition, the MSF program is recommended as an addition to medical treatment – thus providing an integrative and holistic approach to healing.
  • For those practitioners who want to use the MSF Energy and Awareness methods, in their own practice, a place where they can learn and attend workshops as part of their professional development.
  • Development of on-line teaching and healing resources accessible to participants for at home support and continued learning and practice of methods.
  • Development of an apprenticeship program with certification which will train other trainers in the teachings of Michael Simonson and the MSF Energy and Awareness Program.
  • Establish a data collection and analysis program to formally document impacts of the MSF program using current and future archives. The education center will evolve according to the needs of our clients and our practitioners, while remaining true to the teachings of Michael Simonson and the MSF. Contact us to learn about how you can assist in our campaign.