Public School Programs


          Many educators, school counselors and support staff in the US school system would agree there is an increasing prevalence of children in the classroom with emotional and behavioral situations that interfere with their ability to learn. As the diagnoses of ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Bipolar and the like increase, it seems the most common recommendation given to parents is to medicate their child. The MSF provides a clear and simple alternative to this practice, and that is to teach children how to use their minds to gain control over their lives, so they can learn to be the masters of their lives instead of life being their master.

          Over the years, Michael has presented workshops for students, faculty, and staff in schools for numerous educators in Western Canada, the Los Angeles school district, and recently in New Hampshire at The Hunter School and the public school district of Laconia. In these workshops, the children participants are taught how they create their reality with their thoughts, the consequences of positive and negative thinking, and how their thoughts not only affect themselves but those around them.
          Children are our future. They will be our future leaders, innovators, care givers, peacemakers, and stewards of our planet – in essence, they can change the world. Our job as adults is to give them the tools and opportunities to do so. By helping them understand how energies work and to deal with the negative thoughts and energies that come into their experience with awareness and understanding, while cultivating positive energies, they can then can grow their confidence, talents, creativity, critical thinking, self efficacy, equanimity with unconditional love, and become a shining example to us all.

          Many of the children Michael works with have a negative sense of themselves (lacking self-esteem), so it is important when working with such children to teach them who they really are; positive, loving, creative, intelligent, capable, and the masters of their minds and bodies when they choose to create from a positive loving place. Michael teaches them that when they choose to create from a negative place, they deny the truth of who they really are (positive and loving), they destroy their ability to love and to be loved, to be creative, to be happy, and to be in control of their own minds and energies. When children are in this place you’ll find they have a difficult time focusing, following directions, and being receptive to teaching. They will also be rebellious, have a difficult time being still in their bodies, and constantly on the go doing things because they are not in control of their own energies.
          More often than not, Michael finds children have a great ability to understand these simple truths and as a consequence are able to shift their energies significantly through learning some simple energy exercises. In order for these exercises to be effective, the children as well as adults need to understand the true power of their thoughts, and how they create their reality with the thoughts they empower. Michael teaches them that are totally responsible for the type of day and life they have through the choices that they make.


The following is a testimonial from the LA school counselor who invited Michael into her school in 2013:

I cannot tell you how many kids you’ve influenced and it didn’t even take you more than two hours. I’m allowing the kids to process the information for about two weeks. Then they’ll be writing a letter to you about what they learned , how they’ve used it and it it’s changed their lives. One girl actually came in with a huge smile on her face today and for the first time gave me a huge hug. She knows she has some major changes she can make in her life with the tools you have provided.

          Contact us to discuss the needs of your school district and we can prepare a customized program that meets your needs.  We recommend at minimum, two visits to your group with 2 hours each visit, the first meeting being where the techniques are taught and the second meeting a week or two afterwards, to see how the students and staff are working with the techniques and seeing results.