Our Mission & Vision



          The Michael Simonson Foundation (MFS) provides an integrative understanding of traditionally classified imbalances such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, OCD, and PTSD and offers an alternative to a lifetime of medication and discouragement. MSF empowers individuals, families, caregivers, and educators to live their lives in a positive, successful, and loving way without fear and judgment. We approach healing holistically with a focus on individual empowerment using the tools of the MSF Energy and Awareness program, teaching individuals that they have the ability within themselves to heal and through their example to show others they can heal; to be confident, self-regulated, successful, loving, and contributing members of our communities.


          In our world vision, MSF seeks to teach all people to have an awareness and understanding of how the energies of our thoughts and emotions impact us on a personal, community, and global level. Our focus is on the growing number of children, families, and individuals who are suffering from imbalances such as depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and anxiety with correlating inabilities to focus and intentionally regulate their behaviors. Families, educators, school counselors, and school staff will understand how they can cultivate energy awareness with their children, students and within themselves; becoming fully aware of the personal issues they bring into the classroom. These educators understand the profound impact they have on their student’s lives and choose to come from a loving and empowered place, thereby teaching their students how to do the same. Parents and caregivers, are also enabled to learn how to create a loving an empowered home environment and support the MSF energy awareness teachings and practices their children bring home from school or MSF workshops and sessions. Through MSF engagement and teachings, we facilitate our vision for a truly peaceful and sustainable world.

We deliver this vision through three core venues:

  • Public/Private School Programs which teach and promote the MSF Energy and Awareness Program
  • Development of a Teaching and Healing Center where children, families, adult individuals, and educators may receive training and respite care.
  • Development of a scholarship program that will enable families, individuals, educators, and School Districts who would not otherwise be able to participate, to learn and be trained in the MSF Energy and Awareness program techniques

Four Principles guide the MSF Energy and Awareness Program

  • Empowering all people involved in the education and raising of children, including parents and caregivers, to be aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and have the tools to positively empower themselves and their children as they learn and grow.
  • When individuals are mindful of their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior, they can learn to be in control of their minds and stay balanced in their energetic center.
  • Teaching individuals to self-regulate through energy awareness is done without the use of any medications or supplements of any kind.
  • Everyone deserves a loving, respectful, non-judgmental and supportive learning environment free from fear that is built on a foundation of positive energy and mindful awareness.