Michael Simonson Foundation

Peaceful families, peaceful world

We teach children and parents that every positive and negative thought you have 

sets the stage for who you are today, 
and who you will be in the future.  

A simple approach to life

The simplicity of the truth is that you are
what you think.  When you come from a
place of love, you are the master of your life
as opposed to life being your master 

We teach people about
who they really are

When we choose to honor others' free will choices, we automatically open up to the 

truth of who we are; loving, empowered, creative and unlimited people.

Unity through understanding

When children are given the understanding 

that their life is determined by the choices 

that they make, they become one with themselves and with all life

Teaching Center

Over the many years that Michael has been working with people from all walks of life, a common need exists between all people who are pursuing healing with his assistance – a place away from their normal lives where they can learn and heal in a supportive environment.  Our capital campaign to create a healing and teaching center addresses this need, and will enable those willing to receive the support and knowledge they desire.

The Teaching and Healing center will provide the following core services:

  • For families with children who need in depth care, a place for the child to reside in a residential school environment and receive treatment, and at the same time a place for the family to receive education and attend workshops around addressing the needs of their child as well as themselves
  • For individuals who are seeking an alternative to traditional mental institutions, a place where they can reside and receive the teaching and support to heal themselves
  • For those practitioners who want to use Michael’s work in their own practice, a place where they can learn and attend workshops
  • An apprenticeship program with certification which will train other trainers in the teachings of Michael Simonson and the MSF

The teaching and healing center will evolve according to the needs of our clients and our practitioners, while remaining true to the teachings of Michael Simonson and the MSF.  Contact us to learn about how you can assist in our campaign, or simply support us through the PayPal Giving Fund link at the bottom of this page.   

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