Michael Simonson Foundation

Peaceful families, peaceful world

We teach children and parents that every positive and negative thought you have 

sets the stage for who you are today, 
and who you will be in the future.  

A simple approach to life

The simplicity of the truth is that you are
what you think.  When you come from a
place of love, you are the master of your life
as opposed to life being your master 

We teach people about
who they really are

When we choose to honor others' free will choices, we automatically open up to the 

truth of who we are; loving, empowered, creative and unlimited people.

Unity through understanding

When children are given the understanding 

that their life is determined by the choices 

that they make, they become one with themselves and with all life

The Team

Michael Simonson – President
The Foundation is based around Michael’s skills and teachings as a spiritual teacher, healer, motivational speaker and life coach.  He brings 30 years of experience to the Foundation, working with all walks of life all over the world, both in person and over video conferences.  He has assisted people in such locations as Northern Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, various New England states in America, California, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, and may other locales.  His talks, writings and vision provide the focus for the Foundation, and the various missions we are engaged in have been developed around needs in the world that Michael has observed through his extensive experience. 

Deborah Simonson – Vice President
Deborah brings a diverse background to the Foundation, her qualifications include a BFA in Sculpture, 5 years in Manufacturing/Project Management, 10 years in Information Technology and Online Education, and most recently, 10 years as an energy work practitioner.  She promotes Michael’s work through social media, provides logistical and energetic support to Michael in healing sessions, plans and promotes workshops and provides support for project development.  Deborah fully embraces the teachings of the Foundation and implements them in all aspects of her life. She has experienced the effectiveness and profound positive impact that the teachings have had in her own life and lives of those who have the conviction to embrace them. 

Renee Davis. M.Ed. – Public School Program Director
Renee Davis earned a triple endorsement as an educator in elementary education, reading, and special education in the state of Vermont.  Renee's passion is working with special education students and their families, helping them navigate the public school systems for over 10 years.  Before becoming an educator Renee had a bucket list of all the careers she wanted to experience.  Renee earned a medical administrative degree, owned and managed a country store in northern Vermont for ten years, went to the Vermont Criminal Justice Training School and became a deputy sheriff, and is certified in elephant safety and handling.  Renee has a passion for life and experiencing a vast array of careers until she found her souls calling in working with special needs children.  All her skills from her previous experiences are put to work in her current position as a high school case manager.  Renee shares her passion for life with her son, Wilson, an energetically sensitive child and former student at the Hunter School.  Renee met Michael Simonson at the Hunter School when he was the energy practitioner who worked with Wilson, teaching Wilson how to be his true authentic self and in the process saving Wilson's life.  Through working with Michael, she and her son have learned to become the masters of their lives while her son was able to return to a happy and productive life.  Renee has extensive personal and professional knowledge of the effectiveness of the techniques that the Foundation promotes. 

Kimberly French, M.Ed. - Consulting Educator
Kimberly has been working as a counseling educator in public and private schools for the last 20 years.  She is a certified guidance counselor in NH and VT and is currently the guidance director of a pre K - 12 public school.  Her educational career started by working at the admissions office at Castleton State College while an undergraduate student in Criminal Justice and Spanish, with dual minors in Psychology and Philosophy.  After earning her Master's degree in Counseling Education from Plymouth State College, she went on to become an individual and group therapist at a private residential school for court adjudicated  youth, with issues such as suicidal and homicidal ideation, extreme anger management and victimization issues.  She has worked as a guidance counselor teaching comprehensive guidance classes to kids in K - 8th grade in the public school.  From 2010 - 2013, she worked at The Hunter School and was an instrumental part in developing their Energetic Mindfulness program/curriculum.  She was one of the three original co-facilitators along with Michael Simonson, teaching energetic mindfulness concepts, relaxation techniques, meditation, and the power of our thoughts to the energetically sensitive youth at Hunter.  This work has been instrumental to her personally and professionally.  During this time, she has also been working as a college instructor at several local community colleges teaching behavioral science courses such as Child Abuse and Neglect, Counseling Offenders and At-Risk Populations, and Psychology, Family Violence, and more.  She is happily married with four children.

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