Feedback from Educators

The following letters are from professional educators that the MS Foundation has worked with over the years.  Children are our future. They will be our future leaders, innovators, care givers, peacemakers, and stewards of our planet – in essence, they can change the world. Our job as adults is to give them the tools and opportunities to do so. By helping them understand how energies work and to deal with the negative thoughts and energies that come into their experience with awareness and understanding, while cultivating positive energies, they can then can grow their confidence, talents, creativity, critical thinking, self efficacy, equanimity with unconditional love, and become a shining example to us all.


Portrait of cute kids reading books and drawing in natural environment together

The following interview between MSF’s Garret Cornett and Jim Kemmerer, former Executive Director of the Hunter School, goes into Jim’s firsthand experience with the effectiveness of the Energy and Awareness Program implemented by Michael Simonson at his school.

“I would definitely say that Michael’s approach through all my years of public education, his approach far exceeded any commercial program for discipline and getting kids to behave themselves, far more than anything I’ve ever seen before. I can say that with 100% confidence, like I said 35 years in public schools and 5 years as an Executive Director of a private school.” – Jim Kemmerer

  • Jane Kemmerer

    “I am writing on behalf of Michael Simonson whom I have had the pleasure to know since 2011. He intrigued me not only with his extraordinary work with energy sensitive children, but also with his desire to help others achieve personal growth through energy awareness. He has helped me, as well as members of my family with our personal journeys involving energy awareness and positivity.

    As a retired middle school Health Educator with over 35 years of teaching experience, my scope of responsibility included educating adolescents in the areas of wellness. The major components of wellness in a school setting include physical, mental and social wellness. These programs have made a dramatic change in school culture that I was a part of. Most programs focus on student responsibility and accountability based on external controls and negative consequences, and do not reflect an individual’s positive potential and personal responsibility. I feel that educators have been unaware of the opportunities to develop energy dynamics in a school setting.

    During my many discussions with Michael, I found the potential of these energy based techniques. I re-evaluated the way I related with students and successfully used some of the techniques which yielded positive results. Although I am no longer in the classroom, I strongly feel that it is essential for students to be able to develop strategies that promote their personal well-being. However, an integral step is to provide training for teachers and other faculty who are working with children. An opportunity to work with Michael is invaluable in terms of understanding and application of positive energy and how it relates to us all.

    Michael is clearly a unique individual who has much to offer. He has an intense desire to share his expertise with anyone. His non-judgmental approach and deep knowledge can change lives in phenomenal ways. I am sure that choosing an opportunity to work with Michael Simonson will be a “game-changing” experience!”

    Jane Kemmerer, Heath Educator, M.Ed.


  • James Kemmerer

    “I was first introduced to Michael Simonson in 2011, when he volunteered his services to the Hunter School, located in the White Mountains of rural New Hampshire. There, I had the opportunity to observe his energy work first hand with children, families, professional staff, and personal friends. The Hunter School was an intermediate, private, residential school for children who were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, and Other Health Impaired (OH) labels. Upon arrival, most students were heavily medicated for anxiety and a variety of mood disorders. However, without exception, all students possessed a heightened sense of awareness of both the positive and negative energies around them. They responded and reacted not only to the adults in their surroundings, but to the other students enrolled in the program as well. On the negative side, this dynamic often manifested itself with students’ being unable to control impulses, act out violently, self-harm and withdraw. When our students were in this heightened state, conventional, behavioral interventions had limited, if any effect. What Michael Simonson brought to our program was uniquely different than anything I have observed in either therapeutic or education models. Mr. Simonson’s ability to work with individual students; small and large groups; parents and staff; was nothing less than remarkable. His approach and philosophy was non-judgmental, loving and positive. He provided students with the skills necessary to be accountable for their energies and promoted self-discipline, affirmation, and a positive approach to life that improved inter-personal relationships, self-concept, and over-all mental and physical health. Because of his interventions, I believe, most students were able to reintegrate back to either public school or a less intensive school setting in a much shorter time period than would normally be required. Additionally, his work with parents and family members ensured the success of the student’s reintegration back into the home, and without the use of medications. Many students and families continued to seek counsel from Michael long after their discharge from Hunter.

    On a personal note, Michael Simonson is a man of integrity and dedication to serving children and adults to create a better world in which we all live. I have personally witnessed the life changing results in the families and individuals he counseled.”

    James Kemmerer, Executive Director, Hunter School (Retired); Past Middle School Principal and Educator