“I am writing on behalf of Michael Simonson whom I have had the pleasure to know since 2011. He intrigued me not only with his extraordinary work with energy sensitive children, but also with his desire to help others achieve personal growth through energy awareness. He has helped me, as well as members of my family with our personal journeys involving energy awareness and positivity.

As a retired middle school Health Educator with over 35 years of teaching experience, my scope of responsibility included educating adolescents in the areas of wellness. The major components of wellness in a school setting include physical, mental and social wellness. These programs have made a dramatic change in school culture that I was a part of. Most programs focus on student responsibility and accountability based on external controls and negative consequences, and do not reflect an individual’s positive potential and personal responsibility. I feel that educators have been unaware of the opportunities to develop energy dynamics in a school setting.

During my many discussions with Michael, I found the potential of these energy based techniques. I re-evaluated the way I related with students and successfully used some of the techniques which yielded positive results. Although I am no longer in the classroom, I strongly feel that it is essential for students to be able to develop strategies that promote their personal well-being. However, an integral step is to provide training for teachers and other faculty who are working with children. An opportunity to work with Michael is invaluable in terms of understanding and application of positive energy and how it relates to us all.

Michael is clearly a unique individual who has much to offer. He has an intense desire to share his expertise with anyone. His non-judgmental approach and deep knowledge can change lives in phenomenal ways. I am sure that choosing an opportunity to work with Michael Simonson will be a “game-changing” experience!”

Jane Kemmerer, Heath Educator, M.Ed.


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