“As a 50-year-old woman, I have suffered from moderate to severe depression for 35 years. I have been really good at coping strategies, masking techniques and doing what it takes to make it through the day. It wasn’t until I met Michael and worked with the Michael Simonson Foundation that I have learned how to really live a fulfilled existence where I am now able to provide myself the support and tools that I need to be the fullest expression of myself. After so many years of being on autopilot, I feel like I am finally at the helm steering my ship, in present time being here with the wind at my back. I am aware in the NOW, being 100% in service to myself and the population of children for whom I teach.

The simple and direct advice that the Michael Simonson Foundation provides is of the highest level! The skills they have taught me I am using in my work as an educator, teaching young children diagnosed with autism. When I am doing my work and being in a space of love I notice the positive outcomes that unfold before me, when nonverbal children will begin to utter words and dysregulated children become peaceful and calm, all of which creates a space for children to learn with ease and grace.

There is a sense of freedom in the Foundation’s teachings and I can now say that depression is no longer a label that I choose to identify with. Thank you, Michael, for your guidance and support to me and the children I serve!!!”

Michele P., Maine, USA

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