“I have been depressed for my entire life. Over the years, I have been diagnosed with major/clinical depression, dysthymia, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized and social anxiety disorders, eating disorders and substance abuse disorders.

I have taken psychiatric medications for 25+ years. I have had two psychiatric hospitalizations and I have experienced several nervous breakdowns. The last one was in 2012 and resulted in my medical retirement. I have been in various types of counseling and therapy. I was a very active member of Alcoholics Anonymous for almost 24 years. I also attended other 12 step programs and many other self-help groups. I have sought help through organized religion, shamanism, crystals, astrology and many other metaphysical and medical pursuits. I have seen countless medical professionals, and tried both traditional medicine and alternative medicine practitioners.

My work with the Michael Simonson Foundation began in 2014. That year I attended my first workshop and was first introduced to these simple truths: I am the master of my life; and I create my own reality through the thoughts that I empower. It was my first experience with hearing someone speak about my problems as I saw them, and deeply feeling as an instinctive and complete knowing, as truth that would work for me. It was also the first time I ever heard someone say, “don’t believe anything I say, go out and check it out for yourself.”

So, that’s exactly what I did! I explored, I learned how to deal with my life from a positive place by being in control of my thoughts. I have come to understand that fear and judgement have been the master of my life, instead of me being the master of my life. I have become an empowered woman and believe in the truth of who I am, and trust myself. I am learning how to identify and speak my truth. I attended my second workshop in August 2017 and my third in February 2018.

I have made significant changes in my life as a result of learning to love myself and to see all the experiences in my life not as burdens, but as opportunities to learn about myself and grow. In October of 2017, two months shy of my 24th anniversary, I left the program of Alcoholics Anonymous because I now understand that it is based in fear. I allowed my fear of alcohol to keep me immersed in a very depressed place for all of those years. Today I know that I am the master of my life and no longer allow my fears to control my life’s decisions. Another incredible change is that I no longer take anti-depressant, anxiety or pain medications! I truly never believed I’d ever be able to live without the help of these chemicals and I absolutely know today that I don’t need them anymore.

Through Michael’s support and the support of the Foundation, I have come to understand that my thoughts have energy and affect everyone around me, and if I make loving choices it affects everyone around me in positive ways. I know now that fear and judgement also rule others in this world, including those that I blamed for the “tragic” circumstances of my life. I now understand that these were not tragedies, but simply amazing learning opportunities. My life was depressing because I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t make choices that were positive or loving. Now that I am making choices to reflect my highest and greatest good, my relationship with myself and with my children has become positive and loving, and will continue to grow in positive ways as I continue to work with Michael on my process of self-empowerment.”

Loria R., Sacramento, California

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