“This letter is in Support of the Michael Simonson Foundation, and describes my life’s journey from anxiety and depression to living my life fully, creating from love, becoming a leader and having so much fun.

I am so blessed and fortunate to have met Michael in 2011, and I began contacting him for assistance in my life. My life was a struggle. I wanted to know what he knew and what he was teaching the children he worked with at the Hunter School. I actually wanted to job shadow him but I let logistic and cost obstacles get in the way of that being a possibility. I was a very lonely, depressed woman with anxiety raising my 3 children alone following a divorce in which my ex-husband moved away leaving the province. I had no belief in myself, was in fear, timid, shy, always seeking approval from others, always feeling wrong, a nuisance. I was guarded, insecure, wanting to do what others wanted of me, not wanting to fail or be rejected. I strived to make others happy in hopes that they would see me as good and love me. As Michael explained to me, I didn’t have a sense of self. I had never stopped to think ‘who was I’ or ‘what did I want’. I gave my power away to men as I had no sense of self-worth and looked outside of myself for acceptance, not wanting to displease. I constantly strived to be good at things; be it parenting, meals, work, etc., spending endless hours on simple things trying to get it right. I did not think I was smart, organized or good at anything. Now I know that all to be untrue.

I threw away my career as a S/LP because of anxiety although I didn’t know that was the reason at the time. I struggled putting in endless hours at work to get it right, doubting, fixing, never happy with the end product. I thought I was a fraud and anyone could do the job better than me. I began working for half of what I had been making. This is what fear does makes one feel small, not important, not worthy. I had two degrees and had thoughts of “why would anyone want to hire me”. I could not see the value in myself and this was only because of negative thinking; although, I didn’t know this at the time.

Wow, as I think back the only thing that has changed is how I think and what I believe. I totally think and know that I am a gift, that I have a lot to offer the world, that I am intelligent, loved, whole and that anyone is benefited by my presence; such a huge contrast to what I used to think. I picked up the limited, unworthy thoughts from my parents as they also did not believe in themselves. I now see how our thoughts create our reality. The way I think creates the experiences I have. I lived in with anger, sadness and frustration and fear my whole life. I was an unhappy young girl who got into an unhappy marriage. As a young girl, I worked at not upsetting parents, teachers and friends and was always considered shy. I did not know love nor did my parents. Can you imagine what thought forms and beliefs I have given to my children. Yikes! Our children take on the way we think and look at the world. It was time for me to make a change for a better life for myself and my children and future generations.

I began working with Michael. I began learning simple truths. It sounded so easy, so simple and it took some practice. I would forget and I would listen to the negative thinking that I had grown up with that was constant in my head. In the beginning, I didn’t talk to Michael enough. I started contacting him to help me understand situations that I was creating from fear; such as, worry about facing my ex-husband for child support. I became more determined wanting a better life for me and for my kids, so tired of the struggle, unhappiness and worry. I got better and better at incorporating Michael’s teachings into my life as a new way of living, a new way of thinking with Michael’s help. It took re-creating new thought forms and not empowering the negative ones that had run my whole. My children also learned to function and live with worry and fear as their master as they had learned from their parents as I did from mine and my parents did from theirs. I now get to teach them how to be the masters of their life from a different place, a place of love.

Michael sees and saw me for who I really AM. Love. Truth. Whole. Complete and because he saw me I began to see myself. He saw that I was living via negative thinking, thoughts that limited myself, that gave my power away, that created a life with struggle and hardship. He taught me simple truths. Fast forward. I now am a leader, leading groups of individuals on adventures. I’m no longer a loner but I love bringing people together to have fun, to live fully. I am running for President of my Toastmaster’s club (who would have thought wow; this is huge as years ago, I went to a Toastmasters meeting and didn’t say a word and didn’t go back). I am emerging as a leader in my community, teaching those who desire to take charge of their life. I AM leading my family and new generations in a new way of thinking and living. I feel so fulfilled, so grateful for Michael’s teachings in taking back control of my life. Now I no longer share in the negative thought forms of the world that it is hard, scary. Instead I am creating new positive ones that life is fun, an adventure, whatever I choose to make of it. I choose to LIVE. My biggest wish is for others to know what is possible and there is another way to live, from loving positive thoughts not fearful negative ones.”

Joanne P., Ontario, Canada

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