“I wanted to take the time today to write to you about my recent experience at a workshop hosted by the Michael Simonson Foundation.

The workshop for me was eye opening. I came back with the feeling and a sense of conviction that what I experienced and heard in the past couple days was truth. Pure and loving truth, I’m sure of it. After looking for answers for many years to certain questions I had about life, I was happy to find them in the workshop with Michael. Michael was the form in which the truth traveled, and a hell of a good one.

What I learned from the workshop was simple, just like all truths tend to be. Thoughts are energy, energy follows intent, your thoughts create your reality. This piece of knowledge gave me a strong sense of power; the sense that I am in charge of my life, and that I create, with others, the world that we see before us today. This knowledge was a crucial piece of the puzzle for me. Every moment is decision about whether we choose love or fear. Every moment is a beautiful moment of creation in which you have the opportunity to decide, moment by moment, whether you choose to create with love or fear. I noticed that once we create with love, life is limitless. Human potential is limitless.

The interaction during the workshop with the rest of the group and Michael is of a kind that I have not found often in life. Judgment free, open-minded and loving. The moment I stepped into the workshop environment and the people that surround it it, I felt this deep sense of relaxation. Take away judgment and one is free of the need to prove oneself to others. Free from the need to feel accepted and loved. At the workshop I was accepted for who I am, in my totality.

For me personally, the most striking thing about the workshop and the knowledge shared by Michael is that there was no dependency. I’ve heard truths about life before and although the knowledge was sound, it often involved becoming dependent on the person providing the knowledge. During the workshop I was free. Free to do as I pleased, free to believe or not to believe, free to apply the knowledge to my life or not. Michael is simply speaking his truth and we, as free will beings, are free to decide whether to apply it or not. And that for me is what truth should be. Truth that not only makes sense logically, emotionally and spiritually, but truth that is unconditional and free.”

Christiaan C., Holland

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