“I know, at the deepest core of my being, the grip that depression, anxiety, and its closely related conditions can have on one’s life. I have felt its insidious hand reach out of the depths to strangle me while I am suddenly caught in a traffic jam on Route 93 Northbound in Boston, MA. I can feel my heart beating faster and faster in my chest, rapidly reaching a breakneck speed while my palms sweat, my legs literally begin to shake uncontrollably, and my eyes dilate to the size of saucers, and I know/believe/fear that I am about to die or at least have a heart attack. As hard as I try to take my mind away from the growing realization that I am indeed in a traffic jam, that the line of stopped and tapping-on the-breaks-cars stretches for as far as I can see, I can’t stop the nauseating, terrorizing chain of body-response events that begins to take place in rapid fire. I have been in this position far too many times to count. Some of them have landed me in the nearest Emergency Room, where I am tested (once again) for any signs of a heart condition, hooked up to IV fluids, and monitored for the next few hours before I am released (once again) with a diagnosis of Anxiety Attack and am sent back on my way, back to my busy day which has now been completely sidelined and altered. Next comes the days of recovery; the exhaustion my body must heal from after having such yet another traumatic shock to its system. There must be another way, I think to myself, and yet, search and search as I may from one doctor and/or psychotherapist to another, no solution had been found in my 49 years of life…until I met Michael Simonson of the Michael Simonson Foundation.

I am writing this letter to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to Michael, for assisting me with real tools to effectively solve a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety in literally one two hour session. In fact, I have recently retired from my teaching position after having been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My lifelong battle with anxiety, depression, and PTSD came to a head this past Fall, with a constellation of additional health issues. I have spent years working with numerous doctors and therapists, reading countless books and articles, and not one of these ‘solutions’ brought me to one fraction of the place in healing I was catapulted to once I began working with Michael Simonson on these issues. In fact, at least one of the therapists I worked with brought great harm to me due to her dangerous incompetence.

Michael taught me simple tools and truths about habitual choices I was making in my life, and ways that I was thinking which were detrimental to me; most importantly, how I was letting my fears in every area of my life take charge of my experience. These fears would then lead to yet another crippling anxiety attack, which would leave me powerless to function in my job and in life. These repeated and continuous panic attacks led to further physical health issues that I eventually needed surgery to remedy. Once I began to practice the simple exercises Michael taught me, all of my past anxiety was gone, virtually overnight, and with daily practice, I am confident that now I am in charge of my life; I will no longer give my power away to others, as I was doing on a regular basis even as a successful teacher for over twenty years. I will no longer live in the crippling terror and fear of life that I lived under for my entire existence.

As a high school teacher, I am also painfully aware of the prevalence of depression and anxiety in the teenage population today. The percentage of students with these issues seems to be increasing every year at an exponential rate; in fact, schools are overburdened with the responsibility of seeking solutions, therapy, and services for these students, and they are working very hard to fill in the gaps between home and school, with ever-shifting grey areas of responsibility. I strongly believe, from my own personal experience, that Michael Simonson can be a key player in the solution to solving these painful and difficult issues for children and adults. His methods are easy to learn and they are empowering tools for anyone seeking to improve their life and relationships.

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and all of its other closely related conditions are all hot topics today that impact millions on a daily basis. These conditions do not discriminate in any way; they affect every population and age group, gender, and socio-economic level. Soldiers returning from war or service could benefit immensely from Michael’s tools and teachings. In fact, I have often felt that I understood, on some levels, what it must be like to be in war, because I experienced my life like that every day. And I am a teacher! Men, women, teenagers, and children, in every walk of life, no matter what their personal experience with depression and its closely related conditions is, could benefit immensely from learning Michael’s simple techniques and putting them into practice.

I wholeheartedly, with every fibre of my being, recommend the teachings and practices of Michael Simonson and his foundation. They have literally changed my life within a very short amount of time. I now look toward my own future with joy and confidence, and I look forward to the future of many others who will finally be able to live their lives free from the suffering they have endured at the hands of depression.”

Kristen P., NH, USA

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