“Working with Michael has been the most significant and awakening experience of my life. I have been learning with Michael for about a year and a half now and have attended three of his workshops. One of the many values of working with Michael is that he delivers a no nonsense approach in helping you discover the truth of who you are by showing you the things you have been denying. He doesn’t do the work for you, he gives you the tools and understanding to liberate yourself as he guides you along the way.

Before I met Michael, I was oblivious to the fears, denial, emotions and false beliefs I had been suppressing my entire life. I have always considered myself to be a positive and optimistic person. What Michael showed me was that there is a difference between being nice and being authentic. I spent my entire life giving my power away by accommodating the expectations and appeasement of my peers, family, and others, while silencing my own voice. Michael taught me how to speak my truth from a place of love, without judgment or expectation of being heard or understood, but simply to be confident that my own values, opinions, and beliefs are valid and worthy.

I began to realize how much I had denied my own power and authority by judging myself and judging or blaming others.

The best part of Michael’s teaching is that he encourages you to celebrate every part of your life. There is no cause to feel guilty, ashamed, or negative for any of the choices you have made or been made privy to. I learned to embrace every aspect of my life as a chosen learning opportunity. All of the experiences that have brought me negative emotions became lessons to teach me understanding in the duality of creating with love and fear. I learned to take responsibility for all of my experiences, including those which I had always seen myself as a victim. I learned to celebrate all of my experiences, thoughts, emotions, and relationships with excitement and gratitude. This shift has liberated me from the limitations of society’s expectations, family history, and obligation to anyone or anything, and has afforded me the reminder that I am in control of creating my own reality and situations by the thoughts I empower and speaking my truth, not only to everyone else, but especially to myself.”

Wade, 32 years old, Ojai, CA

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