“My daughter is 5 years old and has always been extra sensitive to life’s situations. This past fall she began kindergarten, and I was noticing some increasingly aggressive behaviors (especially toward herself and her brother), so I decided it was important for her to meet with Michael and work with him. The first session was difficult for her because while Michael was working on bringing out her white light the negative energies in her were being released. About 2 1/2 weeks after we had our session I was noticing a difference in how she was reacting to situations that had previously made her act out aggressively. She was now able to use what she learned with Michael and I was seeing her approach life with a calmer and more peaceful attitude.

We have since had 4 sessions with Michael and my daughter has become her true self a loving, kind, creative and helpful young girl, who when you are around her can feel the love and light.
I also have a 3 year old son who was showing the same types of frustrated and angry behaviors that his sister was previously showing. Michael could see this at our second session and asked for my son to come see him at our 3rd session. My son is very energetically sensitive and picks up on the energies of others and learns and reacts to them. This negative world is a challenging place for him to be, but after 2 sessions with Michael he is now able to do white light with me and get the negative stuff out and focus on the light. When we do white light, I instantly see his whole body relax and calm down. He is then able to work through whatever negative energies he was experiencing. It has been an amazing and lovely journey. We are thankful to have had this life changing opportunity to know and work with Michael. Our lives are now more focused on love and peace and living in the light. We now experience a more loving and peaceful life.”

Shannon, Holderness, NH

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