“I just needed to tell you how incredibly amazing Michael is. As you know I was so excited to find your school on Oprah. When I came to The Hunter School a few weeks ago, and met everyone from the principal to the lunch lady, I was even more excited of the possibilities of Jonah going there. However, the person who convinced me the most that The Hunter School is the place for Jonah was Michael.

I have to share with you my meeting with him. I started off by asking him questions about how he works with the children, how they respond to him, and other similar questions that came from my cognitive desire to understand how these children are changing so dramatically. I have spent 10 years trying zillions of things to help Jonah. It wasn’t till he started asking me questions and working with me energetically that I started to understand what he does. My questions were answered through feeling it. He offered to try something and I willing accepted. I held up my hands, palms facing forward, and repeated things that he said. The things we said were statements to release negative energy and turn it into light and then filled myself with positive affirmations. I felt lighter, more at peace, and centered after that.

However, the best results gradually came over the next few days. As you know I was diagnosed with lupus in Oct 2010 and have been very ill with it. I have been told there is no cure. I am unable to take the medicine the doctors prescribed because it makes me sicker. So I have been doing many alternative things to help with the pain, fatigue, and stiffness. A few days after meeting with Michael the pain, fatigue, and stiffness where diminished by 90%.

At first, I thought it was just because the sky was clear, no humidity, and temperature was great (even though other days like this I was still sick to some degree). The weather greatly affects my symptoms. But then on day 4 it rained all day and mostly rained all day for the next 5 days. With Lupus, this would mean I would be in bed most of the day. I kept waking up in the morning expecting to hurt and barely be able to move, but I was mostly back to my normal self. I was so excited. It has been two weeks now and I am still feeling incredible. I still have about 10-15% of the symptoms on and off, however they are manageable (I have a high tolerance for pain). I am just so excited to be able to do the things around the house that need to be done, but most of all PLAY with the boys. It has been so hard being a single mom and still take care of them and BE with them the way I would like to.

With Jonah being so energetically sensitive I know the lupus has been affecting him too. Now that I have been feeling better and can be more engaged in his life he has been happier, calm, and cooperative (still not like a typical child, but more than he has been since lupus). I have been able to go for walks- fast enough and long enough to get my heart rate up a bit (need to get this body back in shape), walk up stairs at a normal pace, help a friends (I love helping others), be silly and playful with the boys, help them practice track and field, go to the drive-in’s and much more fun things with them. I am in awe over Michael’s energetical abilities. Jonah and I have been going to an energy healer and have had great success, however when this person went on vacation for two weeks Jonah and I regressed significantly. I haven’t had a regression since Michaels work. I feel confident that if I was to keep working with Michael we could CURE me of lupus or at least control it to a huge degree that I could function even during the winter (cold and dampness are the hardest for me). Michael’s healing has made a huge difference in my life and thus the life of my children.
I can’t help but think how blessed the Hunter School and all the families whose children go to this school, benefit from Michael’s gifted energy and teaching abilities. I am incredibly grateful for Michael’s gift of healing. I look forward to Jonah working with him and going to The Hunter School in the near future.”

Daniele, Ballston Spa, NY

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