“Hi Michael, I just want to thank you once more for all you have taught me in this life. You’ve shown me great kindness time and time again and I couldn’t possibly dream up a better teacher than you. You’ve helped me understand the nature of this world in a way that helps me continually evolve every day to be the greatest version of myself, so much so that I know you were meant to guide me along my journey. After having felt so lost along my early journey, I now understand how I can choose to experience through love and appreciation for every lesson I choose to learn here, how every soul is on their own course, and that all choices are valid learning opportunities. For you coming into my life, I have destiny or damn good luck to thank. You taught me how to be strong and how to never accept fear as my ruler. I know I still have much growth to achieve and you reminded me that I already have everything I need to do so. I know your aim is never to be put on a pedestal and that isn’t at all what I intend. I only aim to vocalize how much you inspire me as a teacher and as a person because you truly lead from the front of the pack as a shining example of true authenticity. I am eternally grateful for your guidance and goodness.”

Colin, Long Island, NY

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