“My name is Calvin. I’m 14 years old. I play football, enjoy martial arts, wrestle, act, jet ski, and surf. I like hanging out with friends and listening to music. I have two little brothers, one 4 and one 11. When my mom asked me to go to New Hampshire, I saw it as an opportunity to travel and see new places. Little did I know, the workshop would open me up to a whole new way of thinking. It may seem like I have a pretty good life from an outsiders point of view, and that’s because I do. But to tell you the truth, before Michael’s workshop I felt like I couldn’t keep up with all my schoolwork. I also had trouble with judging others and getting angry at them for the way they were acting. I would be disrespectful back to them and sometimes get into physical fights. I learned that when I joined in and matched others’ angry judgmental behavior I was really hurting myself because by being angry at someone, I was giving my power to them.

Now, since the workshop, I can simply notice when others are being angry and judgmental, yet I can still choose to stay a positive loving person and then the negative person cannot affect me. I’m learning to let others be who they choose to be while I stay centered in who I want to be, a positive happy successful person. It’s different for me and pretty cool. During the workshop Michael often reminded us about the power of our thoughts and mentioned how all great masters taught , “guard your thoughts…and thoughts create your world”. I have been much more conscious of my thoughts and how they result in what shows up in my life. (That’s why they’re much more positive now.)

Also, I see every challenge as an easy opportunity to grow as a person. Since the workshop, no situation has proved difficult whatsoever, simply because I am seeing the world in a better light. My life is finally under control, and I know I can have whatever results I desire. And no, the workshop isn’t Hogwarts. It doesn’t teach you magic spells and tricks, it simply opens you up to abilities that you and everyone already have. It’s as simple as creating a positive world with your positive thoughts. I chose to go to the workshop and I’m sure everyone else in my life notices how much more positive and at ease I am. Even if they don’t, I notice that things just seem to flow easier for me.

Calvin, 14 years old, NY

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