“Working with Michael has been the most significant and awakening experience of my life. I have been learning with Michael for about a year and a half now and have attended three of his workshops. One of the many values of working with Michael is that he delivers a no nonsense approach in helping you discover the truth of who you are by showing you the things you have been denying. He doesn’t do the work for you, he gives you the tools and understanding to liberate yourself as he guides you along the way.

Before I met Michael, I was oblivious to the fears, denial, emotions and false beliefs I had been suppressing my entire life. I have always considered myself to be a positive and optimistic person. What Michael showed me was that there is a difference between being nice and being authentic. I spent my entire life giving my power away by accommodating the expectations and appeasement of my peers, family, and others, while silencing my own voice. Michael taught me how to speak my truth from a place of love, without judgment or expectation of being heard or understood, but simply to be confident that my own values, opinions, and beliefs are valid and worthy.

I began to realize how much I had denied my own power and authority by judging myself and judging or blaming others.

The best part of Michael’s teaching is that he encourages you to celebrate every part of your life. There is no cause to feel guilty, ashamed, or negative for any of the choices you have made or been made privy to. I learned to embrace every aspect of my life as a chosen learning opportunity. All of the experiences that have brought me negative emotions became lessons to teach me understanding in the duality of creating with love and fear. I learned to take responsibility for all of my experiences, including those which I had always seen myself as a victim. I learned to celebrate all of my experiences, thoughts, emotions, and relationships with excitement and gratitude. This shift has liberated me from the limitations of society’s expectations, family history, and obligation to anyone or anything, and has afforded me the reminder that I am in control of creating my own reality and situations by the thoughts I empower and speaking my truth, not only to everyone else, but especially to myself.”

Wade, 32 years old, Ojai, CA

“My name is Calvin. I’m 14 years old. I play football, enjoy martial arts, wrestle, act, jet ski, and surf. I like hanging out with friends and listening to music. I have two little brothers, one 4 and one 11. When my mom asked me to go to New Hampshire, I saw it as an opportunity to travel and see new places. Little did I know, the workshop would open me up to a whole new way of thinking. It may seem like I have a pretty good life from an outsiders point of view, and that’s because I do. But to tell you the truth, before Michael’s workshop I felt like I couldn’t keep up with all my schoolwork. I also had trouble with judging others and getting angry at them for the way they were acting. I would be disrespectful back to them and sometimes get into physical fights. I learned that when I joined in and matched others’ angry judgmental behavior I was really hurting myself because by being angry at someone, I was giving my power to them.

Now, since the workshop, I can simply notice when others are being angry and judgmental, yet I can still choose to stay a positive loving person and then the negative person cannot affect me. I’m learning to let others be who they choose to be while I stay centered in who I want to be, a positive happy successful person. It’s different for me and pretty cool. During the workshop Michael often reminded us about the power of our thoughts and mentioned how all great masters taught , “guard your thoughts…and thoughts create your world”. I have been much more conscious of my thoughts and how they result in what shows up in my life. (That’s why they’re much more positive now.)

Also, I see every challenge as an easy opportunity to grow as a person. Since the workshop, no situation has proved difficult whatsoever, simply because I am seeing the world in a better light. My life is finally under control, and I know I can have whatever results I desire. And no, the workshop isn’t Hogwarts. It doesn’t teach you magic spells and tricks, it simply opens you up to abilities that you and everyone already have. It’s as simple as creating a positive world with your positive thoughts. I chose to go to the workshop and I’m sure everyone else in my life notices how much more positive and at ease I am. Even if they don’t, I notice that things just seem to flow easier for me.

Calvin, 14 years old, NY

“Hi Michael, I just want to thank you once more for all you have taught me in this life. You’ve shown me great kindness time and time again and I couldn’t possibly dream up a better teacher than you. You’ve helped me understand the nature of this world in a way that helps me continually evolve every day to be the greatest version of myself, so much so that I know you were meant to guide me along my journey. After having felt so lost along my early journey, I now understand how I can choose to experience through love and appreciation for every lesson I choose to learn here, how every soul is on their own course, and that all choices are valid learning opportunities. For you coming into my life, I have destiny or damn good luck to thank. You taught me how to be strong and how to never accept fear as my ruler. I know I still have much growth to achieve and you reminded me that I already have everything I need to do so. I know your aim is never to be put on a pedestal and that isn’t at all what I intend. I only aim to vocalize how much you inspire me as a teacher and as a person because you truly lead from the front of the pack as a shining example of true authenticity. I am eternally grateful for your guidance and goodness.”

Colin, Long Island, NY

“I decided to go to Michael Simonson’s workshop because I was seeking more peace and harmony in my life. Prior to the December 2011 workshop in New Hampshire, I was experiencing increasing anxiety as I juggled myself between my many roles as husband, Father of three, City of New York Firefighter, and construction business owner.

I found myself worrying all the time about our finances, and felt powerless about the constant arguing that filled our home. In addition I felt guilt that I wasn’t able to spend more time with my girls, ages 15, 12, and 7. I wanted desperately a change in my life for the benefit of my family and myself.

Following a short conversation and light meditation that Michael had with me the evening prior to the workshop, I felt like I had already received my money’s worth. I went to sleep that night amazed at how much I had already benefited. After the 6 1/2 hour drive home, I returned to the same life I had always had yet had a feeling of complete calm within me. It reminded me of the feeling you get when you just cleaned out your garage and got rid of all the unwanted junk. I now carry this feeling wherever I go.

Kevin, New York City Firefighter and Father


“Dear Readers,
Hi, I’m Meghan, and I am 17 years old, the workshop changed my life and it was such a blessing to experience. Before I went to the workshop I had many issues, starting with my childhood. I remember being interfered with a lot by negative energies, and this put me in fear. I had many nightmares and was haunted by many bad energies. I saw beings both of good and bad. I heard the angels sing and talk to me. I also saw bad, dark blobs of energy that for example, knocked over my dolls in my room, which got me very scared. I always wanted to sleep with my parents because of this. This fear shut down a lot of my spiritual abilities because the darkness made me afraid of them. I also had Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is somewhat similar to autism but not. I was sensitive to everything basically. All my senses were intensified and I felt uncomfortable around people. At restaurants I always went under the table because the people talking and other noises would hurt my ears. Every morning it took me hours to find the right outfit because my clothes bothered me and I didn’t like the feeling of most things touching my skin. I just wanted to be a regular person like everyone else. I am so thankful that I got a lot of help and therapies, and I don’t have it anymore. However, I do feel that these Sensory problems did trigger my insecurities that I had later on in my life. Until the workshop, I didn’t know who I was. I had really low self esteem and I never thought I was good enough for anything. I was always self conscious about everything about myself and what other people thought of me. I felt like I needed people to like me to be happy. People always thought I was on drugs because I’m always happy and hyper and weird. I got really offended by that all the time because I was never on drugs in my life and I felt like if my personality was being seen that way that it was not good. I was not happy with the way I was because I was different and people thought these negative things about me. I also had family issues and I felt like no one in my family cared about me. I never got along with my mom or my brothers and I felt like my mom didn’t love me. I was sad, and I felt lonely and distant from my family. Also, I’ve been associated with negative people who’ve brought me down and manipulated me. They made me think that I needed them, and made me depend on them. I was a little depressed and not myself for some of 9th grade. I used to cut myself a few times because I wan’t happy with myself and felt like I wasn’t good enough. I went to a therapist that didn’t help that much too. I’ve also been able to pick up peoples energies all the time and people constantly sucked the energy out of me, especially at school. I always said that I hated school and whenever I was there I felt so bad and so tired and weak. Last year was very stressful, and I kept getting sick all year. After that, I kept having the fear of getting sick.

The Workshop with Michael and Deb really helped me realize that anyone can create their own reality with the thoughts they empower. I realized that being angry or upset is a choice, so now I choose to be positive and I choose the light. Now that I am being positive, my life is constantly improving. Being and thinking positive attracts positive. I am becoming better at changing my ways of thinking every day. When the darkness tries to interfere, it is a celebrating opportunity because it makes me open up so that I can release it and become closer to the light. I celebrate all of my life events and obstacles because they helped me become stronger and learn. It feels so good to release and open up, and I actually can feel the warmness and love. I do many things that make me happy help bring me closer to the light, such as music. I love to sing, play the guitar and the bass, and to write songs. Once I open up to being positive, I actually find it easier to write songs. I write songs to send messages of positivity and happiness. I also like yoga and art and dancing. Doing things that I love and focusing on myself makes me more self confident and makes me in a good mood. When I first got to the Workshop I felt uncomfortable and weird because I didn’t know anyone (besides who I came with), I didn’t know what to expect, and I was shy. That changed very quickly though. The Workshop was only for a weekend and I already feel so close to all the people who went. I definitely feel a connection with all of the light workers. We continue to help each other. The Workshop was a weekend that changed my life, made me open up to my real self, and taught me that I am in control of my life. I am so thankful to have such an amazing experience.”

Love and Light, Meghan 🙂 <3 ,  Long Island, NY

“I met Michael Simonson at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in his workshop in February 2013. I was the workshop room manager, a job that I’ve done for over 9 years now, so I’ve seen hundreds of speakers come and go over the years. Some of them were impressive and entertaining and had valuable info. Others left a less impressive feeling and disappointingly appeared to be fake phonies, just using “spirituality” as a means to make money off desperate souls. Then came Michael Simonson. First of all he strolled in surprisingly as just this regular looking guy with his grey goatee beard and generic plaid shirt – not your typical “spiritual leader”. So immediately I was intrigued. I introduced myself to him as his workshop room manager. He was very nice, and had a very calm energy. He didn’t really say much.

“Hmmm…” I thought to myself, “THIS guy is a healer? This should be interesting.”
So we got everybody in the room, closed the doors, and Michael started to speak. I was immediately MESMERIZED, and frankly blown away! I have been on my own personal spiritual journey for over 20 years. I have read all the books, attended the seminars, practiced the techniques, and even worked in the spiritual arena with expos, and having worked for a healer on tour for several years. I’ve seen it all and done it all. I learned MORE in that 1 hour and 30 minutes listening to Michael speak, than I’ve learned in all the years of studying and seeing teachers, healers, and gurus come and go. He just made it so simple and easy. There was no technique, or big secret. It was just common sense. Not since Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, has anyone left such a profound and enlightening impression like Michael Simonson. His calm energy and sensible teaching took away any fear and anxiety I’ve ever had about it all before. And he did this with not an ounce of ego, not an ounce of judgment, not an ounce of “fakeness” like I had seen before, over and over again. He’s the real deal. If all of humanity would practice what Michael Simonson teaches, it would be a beautiful world free of fear, anxiety, anger, greed, illness and hate, and full of love, compassion, happiness, and well-being. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.”

John Papapavlos, Producer/Writer, Los Angeles, CA

“My daughter is 5 years old and has always been extra sensitive to life’s situations. This past fall she began kindergarten, and I was noticing some increasingly aggressive behaviors (especially toward herself and her brother), so I decided it was important for her to meet with Michael and work with him. The first session was difficult for her because while Michael was working on bringing out her white light the negative energies in her were being released. About 2 1/2 weeks after we had our session I was noticing a difference in how she was reacting to situations that had previously made her act out aggressively. She was now able to use what she learned with Michael and I was seeing her approach life with a calmer and more peaceful attitude.

We have since had 4 sessions with Michael and my daughter has become her true self a loving, kind, creative and helpful young girl, who when you are around her can feel the love and light.
I also have a 3 year old son who was showing the same types of frustrated and angry behaviors that his sister was previously showing. Michael could see this at our second session and asked for my son to come see him at our 3rd session. My son is very energetically sensitive and picks up on the energies of others and learns and reacts to them. This negative world is a challenging place for him to be, but after 2 sessions with Michael he is now able to do white light with me and get the negative stuff out and focus on the light. When we do white light, I instantly see his whole body relax and calm down. He is then able to work through whatever negative energies he was experiencing. It has been an amazing and lovely journey. We are thankful to have had this life changing opportunity to know and work with Michael. Our lives are now more focused on love and peace and living in the light. We now experience a more loving and peaceful life.”

Shannon, Holderness, NH

“I’m so grateful for the joy, expansion and light I experienced at your workshop. I noticed I was able to choose staying bright amidst other people having self-described problems. In the past I would have claimed problems too just to fit in. Yay growth! More than anything I appreciate the FUN! I’m excited about playing with your white light exercises for me, my kids and all kids.”

Love, Light and Laughter – Meredith, Maryland

“I just needed to tell you how incredibly amazing Michael is. As you know I was so excited to find your school on Oprah. When I came to The Hunter School a few weeks ago, and met everyone from the principal to the lunch lady, I was even more excited of the possibilities of Jonah going there. However, the person who convinced me the most that The Hunter School is the place for Jonah was Michael.

I have to share with you my meeting with him. I started off by asking him questions about how he works with the children, how they respond to him, and other similar questions that came from my cognitive desire to understand how these children are changing so dramatically. I have spent 10 years trying zillions of things to help Jonah. It wasn’t till he started asking me questions and working with me energetically that I started to understand what he does. My questions were answered through feeling it. He offered to try something and I willing accepted. I held up my hands, palms facing forward, and repeated things that he said. The things we said were statements to release negative energy and turn it into light and then filled myself with positive affirmations. I felt lighter, more at peace, and centered after that.

However, the best results gradually came over the next few days. As you know I was diagnosed with lupus in Oct 2010 and have been very ill with it. I have been told there is no cure. I am unable to take the medicine the doctors prescribed because it makes me sicker. So I have been doing many alternative things to help with the pain, fatigue, and stiffness. A few days after meeting with Michael the pain, fatigue, and stiffness where diminished by 90%.

At first, I thought it was just because the sky was clear, no humidity, and temperature was great (even though other days like this I was still sick to some degree). The weather greatly affects my symptoms. But then on day 4 it rained all day and mostly rained all day for the next 5 days. With Lupus, this would mean I would be in bed most of the day. I kept waking up in the morning expecting to hurt and barely be able to move, but I was mostly back to my normal self. I was so excited. It has been two weeks now and I am still feeling incredible. I still have about 10-15% of the symptoms on and off, however they are manageable (I have a high tolerance for pain). I am just so excited to be able to do the things around the house that need to be done, but most of all PLAY with the boys. It has been so hard being a single mom and still take care of them and BE with them the way I would like to.

With Jonah being so energetically sensitive I know the lupus has been affecting him too. Now that I have been feeling better and can be more engaged in his life he has been happier, calm, and cooperative (still not like a typical child, but more than he has been since lupus). I have been able to go for walks- fast enough and long enough to get my heart rate up a bit (need to get this body back in shape), walk up stairs at a normal pace, help a friends (I love helping others), be silly and playful with the boys, help them practice track and field, go to the drive-in’s and much more fun things with them. I am in awe over Michael’s energetical abilities. Jonah and I have been going to an energy healer and have had great success, however when this person went on vacation for two weeks Jonah and I regressed significantly. I haven’t had a regression since Michaels work. I feel confident that if I was to keep working with Michael we could CURE me of lupus or at least control it to a huge degree that I could function even during the winter (cold and dampness are the hardest for me). Michael’s healing has made a huge difference in my life and thus the life of my children.
I can’t help but think how blessed the Hunter School and all the families whose children go to this school, benefit from Michael’s gifted energy and teaching abilities. I am incredibly grateful for Michael’s gift of healing. I look forward to Jonah working with him and going to The Hunter School in the near future.”

Daniele, Ballston Spa, NY

“I am writing on behalf of Michael Simonson whom I have had the pleasure to know since 2011. He intrigued me not only with his extraordinary work with energy sensitive children, but also with his desire to help others achieve personal growth through energy awareness. He has helped me, as well as members of my family with our personal journeys involving energy awareness and positivity.

As a retired middle school Health Educator with over 35 years of teaching experience, my scope of responsibility included educating adolescents in the areas of wellness. The major components of wellness in a school setting include physical, mental and social wellness. These programs have made a dramatic change in school culture that I was a part of. Most programs focus on student responsibility and accountability based on external controls and negative consequences, and do not reflect an individual’s positive potential and personal responsibility. I feel that educators have been unaware of the opportunities to develop energy dynamics in a school setting.

During my many discussions with Michael, I found the potential of these energy based techniques. I re-evaluated the way I related with students and successfully used some of the techniques which yielded positive results. Although I am no longer in the classroom, I strongly feel that it is essential for students to be able to develop strategies that promote their personal well-being. However, an integral step is to provide training for teachers and other faculty who are working with children. An opportunity to work with Michael is invaluable in terms of understanding and application of positive energy and how it relates to us all.

Michael is clearly a unique individual who has much to offer. He has an intense desire to share his expertise with anyone. His non-judgmental approach and deep knowledge can change lives in phenomenal ways. I am sure that choosing an opportunity to work with Michael Simonson will be a “game-changing” experience!”

Jane Kemmerer, Heath Educator, M.Ed.