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As you are aware of, the negativity in our world has been increasing and the time is now to change our thoughts and the energies we are choosing to create with if we desire to have a world of peace, harmony, and abundance for children, teenagers, adults, and all life in this world.

We invite you to join us on March 12-14, 2021 for an opportunity to clear your own energies, understand the power of your thoughts, and reaffirm your commitment to create your life from a loving place, the truth of who you are.

  • Friday March 12th – 7-9 PM EST – Introductions, setting intention for the weekend, Global Peace Meditation
  • Saturday March  13th – 10 AM-6 PM EST – Discussion and energy exercises. (One hour lunch & breaks as needed)
  • Sunday March 14th – 10AM-6 PM EST – Discussion and energy exercises. (One hour lunch & breaks as needed)

The fee for the workshop is $350. We will reduce the fee to $300 if you register and pay before March 1st, 2021. You can make payments to the MSF through PopMoney.com at donations@michaelsimonsonfoundation.org (get in touch with your bank to set up),  PayPal  at https://www.paypal.me/msfoundation, check or money order made out to Michael Simonson Foundation.

REMINDER: Those of you online shoppers can support Michael Simonson Foundation at no extra cost to yourselves by shopping at Amazon Smile and choose the MSF as your charitable organization. Simply go to Amazon Smile, register your choice of organization to support and then always go to smile.amazon.com to do your Amazon shopping.

Also, consider making a donation to our Scholarship Fund. This allows us to work with the individuals and families who are not able to afford the cost of sessions or workshops. Your donations are tax deductible and can be made via PopMoney.com at donations@michaelsimonsonfoundation.org, or by check, or with PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/msfoundation

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The Michael Simonson Foundation empowers individuals and families to master their fears and live their lives in a positive, loving way. We teach individuals that they have the ability within themselves to heal and be healers. We provide an alternative understanding to traditionally classified imbalances such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, OCD, PTSD, and many others.

If we choose to be negative, we will find our most powerful links to those around us and the greater collective consciousness are on a level that reflects the energetic state of our mind, of our being. Life will be experienced as a struggle with no real joy or happiness. The energies of our thoughts determine how we link energetically to other people. By teaching people to guard their thoughts, to keep them positive through the energetic understanding of how we are all linked on an energy level, we see clearly this connection and with this understanding it helps us to make choices that reflect our highest good.












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