Michael Simonson Foundation

Peaceful families, peaceful world

We teach children and parents that every positive and negative thought you have 

sets the stage for who you are today, 
and who you will be in the future.  

A simple approach to life

The simplicity of the truth is that you are
what you think.  When you come from a
place of love, you are the master of your life
as opposed to life being your master 

We teach people about
who they really are

When we choose to honor others' free will choices, we automatically open up to the 

truth of who we are; loving, empowered, creative and unlimited people.

Unity through understanding

When children are given the understanding 

that their life is determined by the choices 

that they make, they become one with themselves and with all life

Our method &
what we teach

What makes our method so effective?  The tools are simple and accessible for all

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Public School

Our Energy Program has been successfully implemented in numerous schools

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Teaching Center Campaign

Read about our plans and capital campaign to create a teaching and healing center

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The Michael Simonson Foundation empowers individuals and families to master their fears and live their lives in a positive, loving way.  We teach individuals that they have the ability within themselves to heal and be healers.  We provide an alternative understanding to traditionally classified imbalances such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, OCD, PTSD, and many others.

If we choose to be negative, we will find our most powerful links to those around us and the greater collective consciousness are on a level that reflects the energetic state of our mind, of our being. Life will be experienced as a struggle with no real joy or happiness.  The energies of our thoughts determine how we link energetically to other people. By teaching people to guard their thoughts, to keep them positive through the energetic understanding of how we are all linked on an energy level, we see clearly this connection and with this understanding it helps us to make choices that reflect our highest good.

Michael Simonson Foundation
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